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High-Quality, Durable, & Waterproof

  The Qwiktarp Team is so excited to be producing an amazing truck bed cover that is easy to put on and easy to take off, without having to lose space in your truck. We were tired of using low quality tarps that you could use only one or two times before they ripped. Our Qwiktarp is designed to last more than a couple of uses, it’s made to last years. It’s made from a high quality PVC coated polyester which is waterproof, durable and most of all affordable!  Our patented truck bed tarp covers all four sides of the truck bed, creating a snug waterproof seal that not only looks cool, but temporarily protects your cargo!   

Adjustable, Expandable, & Affordable


The Qwiktarp Adjustable Bungees are JUST THAT! They allow you to transport cargo that extends higher than the bed of your truck. Most bed covers are flat, while our tarp can expand to accommodate bigger cargo loads. The lapels of our design are there to guarantee there is no scratching of your truck paint. Underneath the tarp we have installed pockets for a telescoping carbon fiber rod, for those heavy rain areas. This rod helps your tarp from gathering a giant pool of water in the back of our truck. We tried to think of everything!! Keeping your cargo dry and secure is all our responsibility.    

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We developed the Qwiktarp to be affordable, functional and long lasting!

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